Clickfunnels Live 2019- Is It Worth The Price?

Clickfunnels Live 2019- Is It Worth The Price?

If you happen to be on the lookout for info about Clickfunnels Live 2019, possibilities and you wish to know more concerning ClickFunnels to see if it’s for you.

Perhaps you are acquainted with tools and services in the online marketing business, chances are you’re already aware of “ClickFunnels.”

If you’re not, do not worry!

When you have read this unique Clickfunnels Live 2019 posting, you’re going to appreciate everything you ought to know concerning  Clickfunnels Live 2019; simply one of the finest marketing and sales funnel strategies offered on the internet in 2019.

I’ve been using the ClickFunnels tool for quite some time now, and I will provide you with all of the right information in line with my personal use – with no lies or exaggeration!

If you’re eager to get going, let’s jump in and find out everything about Clickfunnels Live 2019

Clickfunnels Live 2019 – Exactly What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an innovative and simple web based “Funnel Builder”, which uses a handy drag-and-drop interface and incredibly well converting funnel templates making it extremely easy for folks to generate a profitable sales funnel in no time at all.

By using ClickFunnels, you’ll be able to build a sales funnel including a sales page and some relevant landing pages, allowing customers navigate through to take a specific action (book in for a webinar, sign up to a mailing list or buy a product.).

This online tool was established in 2014 by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson and has helped millions of entrepreneurs create and establish their online business.

ClickFunnels is possibly the hottest and most productive builder of sales funnels on the internet, and is currently used by more than 70,000 entrepreneurs to develop a variety of sales funnels which convert over and over again.

It is an outstanding marketing tool which I use and highly recommend.

The app provides really impressive functions all geared towards delivering sales, leads and increasing conversion rates.

ClickFunnels will make it easy for you to create pretty much any sales funnel you can think of – membership sites, squeeze page funnels, automated webinar funnels, sales funnels, product launch funnels, opt-in/lead capture funnels, and a whole lot more.

The appealing thing about using the ClickFunnels application is the fact that you do not even have to know how to do computer programming or design a website or anything at all technical like that.

All that you wish for has already been completed for you on one system. You tweak and personalize to achieve the preferred result.

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ClickFunnels and How it Helps Entrepreneurs

The way to crafting successful sales funnels can be a tough challenge. Still, ClickFunnels helps make that journey much easier.

This is an application that makes it surprisingly easy for prospective entrepreneurs to put together a prospering ecommerce site by giving them customized sales pages.

With internet marketing automation, the very best sales funnels are likely to be multi-tiered and are made to manoeuvre prospective clients that are purely looking around…… into purchasers.

It is multi-tiered since a whole lot happens between the time period that your prospect realizes enough to go into your sales channel, to the time they take action and complete a buying deal.

This technique of moving a prospective customer from feeling problem mode to solution mode to brand mode is the real purpose within the sales funnels.

It catches these people as they’re in the right frame of mind for buying.

This solution is exclusive solely to ClickFunnels considering that it is the only app that sets its features out in a clear way for advertising and marketing your online business.

What’s the good of an application if you haven’t got a guide for a way to proficiently develop offers and systems that actually work?

  • A real sales funnel built around behavioral and decision triggers.
  • Content is made to handle the client buying state (cold to hot).
  • Site features and supply are designed to draw in that client and move them into a buying decision.
  • Entry offers are designed creatively for first-time buyers.
  • Triggers are set inside the funnels like a down-sell or a complimentary offer.

A sales funnel will typically begin with the fundamental premise of capturing the buyer’s email in exchange for any free offer or something else of nice value.

Russell Brunson, the founder, and endorser for Clickfunnels offers quite a few tools and programs which surround the Clickfunnels software application.

Clickfunnels has developed an exclusive culture around “funnel hacking”, which is a phrase used to describe doing thorough stats and analytics (visitors, landing pages, etc.) of the best sales funnels and copying their success closely.

The Clickfunnels’ online community often describes themselves as Funnel Hackers.

The software is the engine propelling the Clickfunnels community however is not always the most important component.

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Clickfunnels uses the SAAS brand for presenting the package to the user.

In lots of ways, it’s a superior column based web page editor, though speaking about it like that does it a disservice, since funnel creation is appreciably different from web page design.

It really is straightforward to build, navigate and design, and you definitely do not need any computer programming know-how to do it. ninety percent of it’s instinctive, and in no time at all you’ll be able to churn out a basic sales funnel to use as an affiliate marketing money page, an informational product or a lead capture project.

If your approach is more in the e-commerce sector with monetary purchases, that will take more time to create, though it’s still within the abilities of the average newcomer.

The ClickFunnels help center features tons of video lessons, and the ClickFunnels support is the speediest and most responsive that I’ve found thus far.

All decent structures have solid foundations.

Business minded entrepreneurs and individuals trying to find the best way to dive into the Clickfunnels stream, can try out the tools, read the books, and use some of the social media channels available to get a good hold on what Clickfunnels can do for them.

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What you could establish with ClickFunnels:

Opt-in Funnels –
This enables you to collect emails of your guests by offering them something of value (resolves an issue) in the form of a training video, an ebook or a discount code, and helps you build your email list.

Membership site –
A membership site is a gated section of your online business, where only subscribed members will have access to the content you have placed behind the gates.

Sales Funnels –
Sales funnels assist in selling your products or services, and add any downsells/upsell to the sale steps.

Webinar Funnels –
It is exceptionally good for helping customers register for your webinars.

We can go on and on about the benefits…. Permit me to explain.

Here’s a list of the more crucial “materials and tools” you’ll be supplied with:

– Website hosting.
– 24 / 7 help and support.
– Landing page, Opt-in Page etc.
– Choice of templates and themes that you will use to modify your websites.
– Integrated payment options such as PayPal and Stripe.
– Training resources.
– Affiliate marketing management.
– A/B tests for all of your internet pages..
– The capacity to generate membership sites.
– Autoresponders for emails.

You will also have analysis software for reviewing just how your sales and funnel performance is doing.

Many more effective tools are made available to you if you’d like to sign up for your ClickFunnel subscription today.

As well as that, it has additional important integral functions.

ClickFunnels has got an autoresponder built it. It’s called “Actionetics.” You don’t need to hook up with an autoresponder.

You can develop an affiliate network with ClickFunnels with the help of their built-in “Backpack.”

It’s got an integrated shopping cart which enables you to track all your orders. You need not to sign up for any additional shopping cart company.

And also their support is second to none.

The ClickFunnels training is created around tactics that work.

You can make use of ClickFunnels each day both for yourself as well as your customers, to generate leads and sales without needing to learn one single line of code.

You can assemble a complete affiliate funnel, in partnership with email autoresponding, within a single day. That could possibly take weeks or even months, if you had to do it by way of outsourcing.

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Popular features of ClickFunnels

We will be producing an Email Opt-in Page using just one of the templated funnels.

1: Picking out a Template

ClickFunnels features up to a hundred funnel templates for you to choose from.

These funnels have been categorized based on distinct business niches and industries for example Professional Services, B2B, Networking Marketing, E-Commerce, Consulting, Retail, and others, and you’re able to locate a specific sector and choose any one of the funnels.

You choose the appropriate funnel template according to the type of promotional campaign you are planning to run.

You’re presented with 3 funnel options; Sell Your Product, Host Webinars and Collect Emails.

Additionally you can opt for a custom kind funnel, to get started.

When you find the funnel that appeals to you, choose it and generate a brand new funnel with the template and give it a name.

2: Opt-In Page Template – Customizing My E-Mail

Moving on, you can modify the template. Clickfunnels delivers a lot of customizability.

You’re able to add photos, slogan, logo and videos connected to your proposed business model, together with additional necessary information about your product or company.

One of the factors I like about the ClickFunnels system are the handy in-built Sales Funnels.

You need not to actually have a website to produce appealing product pages (while you are able to link the funnel to a website).

The funnels produced with the ClickFunnels system are usually productive, eye-catching and mobile responsive.

3: Make Your Thank-you Page

As soon as you’re done constructing your sales page template, in addition to some original content, the next phase is to make a thankyou page, where your funnel customers are redirected to when they’ve submitted their email on the E-mail Optin Page.

4: Set up Your Email and Payment Gateways

Apart from giving you a funnel building platform, Clickfunnels enables you to integrate with various payment processors and e-mail automation software.

5: Set Your Site Name and Save the Funnel

Lastly you should save the funnel to your preferred domain name, or you can incorporate a custom domain that you own.

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ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

clickfunnels pricing

Now that we have experienced the great value and high quality that the ClickFunnels program can deliver, let’s delve into its price levels.

As I’ve mentioned in my list of cons of the ClickFunnels system previously, it’s expensive software.

Few newbies and entrepreneurs will be able to afford close to $100 monthly for an internet marketing tool. However, I will promise it is a lot more fulfilling and enjoyable than hiring the services of a web professional to create a sales funnel from scratch.

The ClickFunnels package consists of two key pricing plans – StartUp plan and Full Etison Suite plan.

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The ClickFunnels Startup Plan – $97 per month

This will cost you $97/month.

With this particular setup, you get use of any of the ClickFunnels funnel creation tools, and you’re able to produce many types of sales funnels and also build a membership website.

But, you’ll solely develop up to 100 pages, 20 funnels, and receive 20,000 distinctive monthly website visitors.

The Etison Suite Plan – $297 monthly

It costs $297/month.

This advanced plan has extended versions of the basic Startup Plan together with Backpack and Actionetics.

The ClickFunnels software package creators are giving you a 14-day FREE trial so that you can test the system and see if you can make money using it before you get charged after 14 days trial.

Note: whilst applying for the ClickFunnels 2 weeks free trial, you need to put in the details of your credit card. The credit card won’t be charged till the completion of the 2 week free trial, so you can cancel it anytime before.

Really, you’ve got nothing to lose signing up because you can actually make money with your sales funnels indefinitely by buying the software before the free trial ends.

However, Clickfunnels offers significant discounts for subscribing annually.

This discounted ClickFunnels offer includes a bundle that they call the Funnel Hacks System.

The Funnel Hacks package includes 6 months accessibility to the Enterprise plan (value $1782) as well as extras such as email sequences and sales funnel training for an extra 997 dollars.

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Clickfunnels Special Offer & 55% Off Plan

With regards to Clickfunnels Live 2019 , one of the more commonly asked question is if there’s any discount.


If you’re seeking out the best deals on the ClickFunnels funnel creation system, keep an eye open for the Funnel Builder Secrets or Funnel Hacker offers. These will provide you with some useful instruction and also the best price for obtaining Clickfunnels.

Funnel Hacks

funnel hacks

Funnel hacks is the name for an exclusive package deal put together by Russell Brunson himself where you can receive Clickfunnels free of charge for 6 months along with 9770 dollars worth of extras which includes the following:

funnel hacks

it is a tremendous saving of 55%,

Click the link below for additional information on the Funnel Hacks Package

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Funnel Builder Secrets

funnel builder secerts

The Funnel Builder Secrets deal is an improved bundle of Funnel Hacks

It contains everything that comes with Funnel Hacks as well as Funnel Script software program.

This is what’s incorporated into The Funnel Builder Secrets Plan:


The Funnel Builder Secrets Program is maybe the best deal and price for an yearly Clickfunnels account.

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Clickfunnels Pros & Cons

Let’s take a peep at the pros & cons attached to using the ClickFunnels software.


  • Cost effective (basic membership is $97 per month and has everything you’ll need)
  • Easy to use “drag and drop” functionality
  • Legitimate Page Builder — you will see changes as you make them
  • Can be integrated with WordPress sites/custom domains
  • It Can blend with Stripe to take payments easily
  • Can combine with ConvertKit or other email providers to send automated emails
  • Membership Area functionality
  • Can be used to promote Digital or Physical products
  • Support is outstanding, will often create video screen grabs just for you
  • You can share funnels between individuals (funnel design business opportunity)
  • Plenty of pre-made FREE templates that you will use and customize quickly
  • Has a comprehensive split testing tool permitting you to split test different landing pages and declare a winner
  • Conversion tracking stats so you’ll be able to compare what offers converts the most
  • Email integration that enables full marketing automation


  • It’s more tool you’ll need to spend time learning.
  • Can be confusing if you’re a novice web marketer.
  • When ClickFunnels goes down, so will your landing pages.
  • Support is top notch but will take one or two of hours to respond.
  • URLs can be funky if you’re not making use of a custom domain.

As you can see, the pros over-shadow the cons.

Several of these “cons” are really nitpicky, for example the chaotic URL’s, but then that is just a personal preference.

I realize there are plenty of unique squeeze page makers which marketers may use, including the likes of Thrive Architect by Thrive Themes.

For me personally, I’ve found the funnel step integration one of the easiest funnel softwares to design with.

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Limitations of ClickFunnels


The only thing I do not like about this program is that it doesn’t have a decent blog function. Though pretty much anything else you wish to do can be achieved using this convenient page builder.

I strongly suggest that you check out the FREE 2 week trial. In just this limited time, I reckon you’ll be able to have a complete money-making web site built before you decide to pay anything up-front.

The last area but not the only extra features which ClickFunnels includes is the Funnel University and Funnel Hacks Master Class.

Both of them are focused on education and best practices in funnel creation and online marketing.

The Funnel University software shares a fresh funnel template monthly, that you can use, and it also adds the application to your account if you’ve are subscribed to ClickFunnels.

Funnel Hacks Masterclass stands proud as one of Russell Brunson’s top internet development courses that helps an entrepreneur from the beginning through to rolling-out their business and on to success.

They supply a free and comprehensive eBook that will lead you through building virtually any funnel utilizing Clickfunnels.

Some may wonder if these templates really work, and the answer is I do not know, but it has unquestionably made in excess of 100 million dollars for them and their users.

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Is ClickFunnels Worth The Expense?

clickfunnels scam

Clickfunnels is outstanding for budding entrepreneurs that don’t wish to spend endless hours on building websites and learning code.

The software system also enables you to keep track of all of it from one program.

This will make your work more effective and more relaxed.

And so, in short, YES ClickFunnels is worth the outlay.

If you happen to be focused on creating an income on the web, then the ClickFunnels platform is a superb tool.

The ClickFunnels platform is able to do much of the hard work when it comes to setting up your opt-in pages and oversee your e-mail marketing.

Clickfunnels integrates with Stripe, PayPal, as well as other kinds of payment processors, which makes it simpler should you receive payments online for your services.

It also lets you place customized coding pretty much anywhere in a webpage, which helps you customize the product page and also offer other payment options such as PayPal for your website purchasers.

You’ll be able to additionally offer different price points and pricing choices for your buyers, built straight into the landing pages.

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Is Clickfunnels Legit? Is It a Scam? Or is it a Pyramid Scheme?

Some people may be itching to know if Clickfunnels may be a scam, a Pyramid Scheme or even some type of MLM/Network marketing? I believe lots of folks think like that because Clickfunnels offers an incredible affiliate program. A lot of individuals are encouraged to promote it without using the Clickfunnels application.

However to put it clearly, Clickfunnels is a LIVE, FULL, operating software, so it is not a scam. It is at present working for myself and hundreds if not thousands of different marketing experts all around the globe.

ClickFunnels itself generates its sales revenue not through sales of “registrations or memberships” but rather by marketing genuine merchandise (ie software) which help people scale and grow their online businesses.

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Competitors of and Alternatives to ClickFunnels

This data will showcase a number of the alternatives of ClickFunnels.


Given how rich the field of marketing is, there isn’t any wonder there presently exist a number of strategies for sales funnel organization. One of the programs we mentioned recently is LeadPages. In fact LeadPages is much more of a specialized program. It enables you to develop landing pages using its highly effective drag and drop system. Nevertheless, LeadPages is superb at creating landing pages… and that is all. On the reverse side, Clickfunnels is a lot more comprehensive and offers a whole lot of marketing functions for your hard earned money, even though being somewhat inferior in relation to landing page quality.

Unbounce is yet another well liked landing page editor, well worth having a quick look at. It has similar capabilities; however, in essence, it is largely a product page builder and little else. It offers several price plans, starting from 99 dollars to 499 dollars, therefore the ClickFunnels platform gives you more bang for your buck.

For folks who’re prepared to test stuff out, one of the more dynamic marketing tools to look at is Builderall. Its testimonials are excellent, and this software has a lot to offer. Sales page building, visitor heatmaps, email organization, sales funnels, take your pick, Builderall can do it. At $49 monthy, it is also very reasonable.

Yet another tool which is similar, but is centred largely on order forms is the SamCart program. Claiming to enhance your product conversions, SamCart is simpler in its design and relatively easy to use. Its principal advantages would be the choices of downsells and upsells, together with an affiliate marketing program very much like Backpack’s. As compared to the basic ClickFunnels product, SamCart could possibly be the best of the two, yet it’s nowhere near as good as ClickFunnels’s Etison Suite.

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– Things About Clickfunnels Live 2019

ClickFunnels is a $360,000,000 SAAS business, fully self-funded, with no investment from venture capitalists, which ought to say a lot for its expertise and success.

If you’re in search of substantial business growth, then ClickFunnels may be just the thing you’re looking for.

It gives you you everything you need to market, sell and deliver your products online fast.

Now You Know Clickfunnels Live 2019

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